Indian Importers Under HS Code: 9502

Indian Importers Under HS Code: - Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children (for example, tricycles, scooters, pedal cars); dolls’ carriages - Dolls representing only human beings

India importers of (standard description) - Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children (for example, tricycles, scooters, pedal cars); dolls’ carriages - Dolls representing only human beings under HS Code 9502 Import data to Chin, Indonesia, Mexico, China, Chiscani, China, Thailand, Hong Kong from Mumbai, Jnpt, Calcutta, Mumbai, Cochin. Trade data contains Item Description, Forigen Country Name,Exporter Name,Indian Port, Mode, Quantity, Unit, Value in INR and Rate in INR.

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Item NoItem DescriptionCountryIndian ExporterPortModeQtyUnitValueRate
95021030CHARM GIRLS BARBIE B 2787 BARChinMattel Toys (india) Pvt. LimiMUMBAISea11970PCS2232729.37187
95021030SWAN LAKE KEN PRINCE DANI B2768 BARBIE DOLLSIndonesiaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea6000PCS1032776.97172
95029100SWAN LAKE UNICOVN/CARRIAG B2662 BASIC ACESSORIESMexicoMattel Toys (india) Pvt. LimitedJNPTSea1412PCS751551.84532
95021030MOVIE STAR BRB 56976 BARBIEChinaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAISea4302PCS726793.61169
95021030FINISHED TOYS BUTTON BLAST BARBIEIndonesiaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAIAir2832PCS556023.89196
95029100MUSICAL ACTIVITY WALKAR B0322 FISHER PRICEMexicoMattel Toys (india) Pvt. LimitedJNPTSea700PCS345061.73493
95021030KC SWAN LAKE ASST B 2834 BARBIChinaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAISea6000PCS321037.5454
95021030HE-MAN ANIML TRANSPRT AST 55258 HE-MAN.ChinaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. LimitedJNPTSea2600PCS304350.63117
950210901X40F STCTOYSChiscaniS S EnterprisesMUMBAISea3287DOZ25325177
95021030PLASTIC TOYSChinaTrade Impex,CalcuttaSea50060PCS2190254
95021030PLASTIC TOYSChinaTrade Impex,CalcuttaSea50060PCS2190254
95021030DOLL MOVIE STAR BRBChinaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAIAir1002PCS218384.64218
95021090STUFF TOYS "CANDY 29" SPRINGHAIRThailandEnbee Enterprises,CalcuttaSea5500PCS185706.4434
95021030MOVIE STAR BRB 56976 BARBIEChinaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAISea1002PCS173038.54173
95029900TORSO B2K LATAN PNT PANTY 4914IndonesiaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAISea10010PCS163664.1916
95021030HE MAN GOOD FIG ASSTChinaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAIAir2004PCS161361.8281
95021030PU SUMO TOYS-SIZE:10.5CM IN HEIGHT X 8.5CMChinaBpp Imports & Gifts Pvt. Ltd.JNPTSea12000PCS150119.3313
95029100TOY ACCESSORIES B5812 BARBIE (ChinaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MumbaiSea165000PCS143521.441
95021090STUFF DOLLS,ITEM NO.2212Hong KongFantacy CreationsCalcuttaSea2328PCS135868.758
95021030MERMAID FANTASY BRB 56759 BARBChinaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAISea1200PCS135549.18113
95029100SWAN LAKE UNICORN/CARRIAGE B2662 BABIC ACCESSORIESMexicoMattel Toys (india) Pvt. LimitedJNPTSea252PCS133959.69532
95029900GIFT ITEM(MUSIC BOX 12 PCS)ChinaPride International TradingCochinSea6480PCS130912.5220
95021090STUFFED DOLL ITEM NO:20240 B.K.ChinaFantacy CreationsCalcuttaSea2004PCS125692.8863
95029100ROOTED HEAD STANDARD PACK (DOLL PARTS & ACCESSORIES)IndonesiaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAIAir10290PCS123506.7112
95029100D/C PACK 56431 (DOLL PARTS & ACCESSORIES)IndonesiaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAIAir12000PCS122426.4810
95029900ROOTED HEAD STNDRD PACK 56431IndonesiaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAISea10045PCS121656.6212
95029100BRB GIRL BANDS FASH ASST 5665ChinaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAISea2100PCS112363.1454
95021030STYLIN 'PUP' BARBIE 56684 BARBChinMattel Toys (india) Pvt. LimiMUMBAISea552PCS100795.32183
95021030DANCE 'N' FLEX BARBIE57405 BARChinaMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,MUMBAISea606PCS99840.47165
95021020PLASTIC TOYS 75-952 PIANOChinaKrishna ExportsMumbaiSea390DOZ98212.58252
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