Indian Importers Under HS Code: 95034100

Indian Importers Under HS Code: - Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children (for example, tricycles, scooters, pedal cars); dolls’ carriages - Stuffed

India importers of (standard description) - Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children (for example, tricycles, scooters, pedal cars); dolls’ carriages - Stuffed under HS Code 95034100 Import data to China, China, Thailand, Thailand, Chin from Madras, Jnpt, Calcutta, Delhi, Calcutta. Trade data contains Item Description, Forigen Country Name,Exporter Name,Indian Port, Mode, Quantity, Unit, Value in INR and Rate in INR.

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Item NoItem DescriptionCountryIndian ExporterPortModeQtyUnitValueRate
95034100DOLLS OF PLASTIC ACTION FIGURESChinaFunskool ( India ) LimitedMADRASSea459360PCS2051423.14
95034100DOLLS OF PLASTIC-ACTION FIGURESChinaFunskool ( India ) LimitedMADRASSea356484PCS1591934.254
95034100DOLLS OF PLASTIC-ACTION FIGURESChinaFunskool ( India ) LimitedMADRASSea302400PCS1360674.874
95034100DOLLS OF PLASTIC-ACTION FIGURESChinaFunskool ( India ) LimitedMADRASSea111516PCS497991.894
95034100TOYS ITEM CODE : EF-012A POP UP STORAGE BIN (L) POOH-900 PCS MICKEY-492PCS PRINCESS-492 PCS (1884 EACH PKG=12 PCS )ChinaMahindra Intertrade LimitedJNPTSea1884PKG272232.49144
95034100A-93-3,A-98-2,A-98-1 A-98ChinaShree Madhu TextileJNPTSea2040PCS217291.28107
95034100TOYS ITEM CODE : EF-012B POP UP STORAGE BIN POOH-492 PCS MICKEY-492PCS PRINCESS-396 PCS (1380 EACH PKG=12 PCS )ChinaMahindra Intertrade LimitedJNPTSea1380PKG166171.64120
95034100A-82-2,A-82-1 & A-82ChinaShree Madhu TextileJNPTSea1500PCS153382.08102
95034100ITEM NO: WL5186 WHISTLING MONKEY STUFFED TOYSChinaFantacy CreationsCalcuttaSea2500PCS127525.1351
95034100TOYS ITEM CODE :EF-012SQ RECTANGULAR HAMPER POOH-400PCS MICK EY-400PCS PRINCESS-400PCS (1200 EACH PKG=50 PCS )ChinaMahindra Intertrade LimitedJNPTSea1200PKG124267.49104
95034100(STUFF TOYS) 100% COTTON DOLL CANDY 29"ThailandEnbee Enterprises,CalcuttaSea3800PCS117832.6631
95034100ASSORTTED STUFFED TOYS (S)ThailandJingle MerchandiseDelhiICD1895NOS113210.1460
95034100TOYS ITEM CODE A-93B-3 A-93BChinaShree Madhu TextileJNPTSea1008PCS107367.46107
95034100A-98B & A-93B-1ChinaShree Madhu TextileJNPTSea1008PCS107367.46107
95034100ASSORTTED STUFFED TOYS (S)ThailandJingle MerchandiseDelhiICD1735NOS104790.5360
95034100A-83-1 & A-83ChinaShree Madhu TextileJNPTSea960PCS98164.53102
95034100BABY WITH SONG SF-22081 STUFFED TOYSChinaFantacy CreationsCalcuttaSea5088PCS94555.3919
95034100A-51-1 & A-51ChinaShree Madhu TextileJNPTSea960PCS92710.9597
95034100ANIMAL STUFF TOYS (12"-16")ThailandShivambe Impex Co.CalcuttaSea4917PCS91401.1219
95034100PLUSH TOYS,ITEM NO.NHP 3159ChinaFantacy CreationsCalcuttaSea2000PCS8362842
95034100BROWN TIGER ITEM NO. TB3005(8) (STUFFED TOYS)ChinaFantacy CreationsCalcuttaSea2400PCS78052.833
95034100A-51B-1 & A-51BChinaShree Madhu TextileJNPTSea960PCS73623.477
95034100PLUSH TOYS-POOR BEAR PC NO.(WN-3934)ChinMahindra Intertrade LimitedJNPTSea1080PCS69776.0465
95034100ASSORTTED STUFFED TOYS (M)ThailandJingle MerchandiseDelhiICD948NOS69704.5474
95034100PLUSH TOYS-POOR BEAR PC NO.(WN-3935)ChinMahindra Intertrade LimitedJNPTSea1368PCS68098.3650
950341005" ANIMALS 9 ASST.WL-5283 STUFFED TOYSChinaFantacy CreationsCalcuttaSea12960PCS66233.385
95034100PLUSH TOYS-DOG/ELEPHANT/BEAR PC NO.(4071)ChinMahindra Intertrade LimitedJNPTSea840PCS65836.0478
95034100ASSORTTED STUFFED TOYS (XS)ThailandJingle MerchandiseDelhiICD3455NOS64207.7219
95034100TOYS ITEM CODE :EF-010 POOH POP UP HOUSE-100PCS MONSTER POP UP HOUSE-70PCS (170 PKG EACH CONTAING 10 PCS)ChinaMahindra Intertrade LimitedJNPTSea170PKG62230.07366
950341006 ASST ANIMALS,LY 1510 (PLUSH TOYS)ChinaFantacy CreationsCALCUTTASea7500PCS59687.218
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