Indian Exporters Under HS Code: 5006

Indian Exporters Under HS Code: - Raw silk (not thrown) - Silk yarn and yarn spun from silk waste, put up for retail sale; silk-worm gut

India exporters of (standard description) - Raw silk (not thrown) - Silk yarn and yarn spun from silk waste, put up for retail sale; silk-worm gut under HS Code 5006 export data to Spain, Bangladesh, China, United States, Italy, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar from Calcutta, Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi. Trade data contains Item Description, Forigen Country Name,Exporter Name,Indian Port, Mode, Quantity, Unit, Value in INR and Rate in INR.

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Item NoItem DescriptionCountryIndian ExporterPortModeQtyUnitValueRate
50060021SILK FAB.WITH EMB.AND W.OUT META.YARNSpainVenturesCalcuttaAir1187.8MTR12313631037
50060021FAB.M.OUT OF ONE OR MORE M.MADE FILA.YARN WITH OR W.OUT,calcuttaAir26360MTR1213122.3846
50060019SILK FABRICS WITH EMB WID 140 CMSSpainVeekay Exports (india)CalcuttaAir1100MTR1175624.881069
50060021SILK FABRICS WITHOUT EMBD.WITHOUTMETA.YARN J-1314ChinaBeautex Exports Pvt. Ltd.CalcuttaAir5429YDS1077330.75198
50060021100% SILK FABRICS WITH EMBD.AND W/OUT METTA. YARN.United StatesPasari Exports Ltd.CalcuttaAir960YDS889650927
50060011100%NATURAL SILK FABRICS EMBD IN 110 CMSWIDTHSpainPramod InternationalCalcuttaAir1821.5MTR882303.25484
50060021100% NATURAL SILK FABRICS EMBDSpainApsaraCalcuttaAir876.5MTR852132.56972
50060019100% NATURAL SILK EMBD MADE-UPS (CUT PIECES)ItalyChanakya International Pvt. Ltd.MumbaiAir1LOT797063.32797063
50060021100% NATURAL SILK FABRICS WITH EMBDSpainApsaraCalcuttaAir1071.75MTR794983.12742
50060031NE40/1.100% PCT COTTON COMBED MELANGE YARN ON CONES WAXED FOBangladeshTex DesignersCalcuttaAir3645KGS791033.75217
50060021100% SILK FABRICS WITH EMBD.ItalyK T C Export
50060019100% NATURAL SILK EMBD MADE UPS (CUT PIE CES)ItalyChanakya International Pvt. Ltd.MumbaiAir1LOT766954.88766955
50060021FABRICS FOR READY MADE GARMENTS INDUS.(BLEACHED,DYED WOVENBangladeshDelta Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.,CalcuttaAir10228.25YDS760483.5674
50060032YARN DYED COTTON MADEUPS. 100%COTTON HANDLOOM RUG. 180X250GermanyIkea Trading (india) Pvt LtdDelhiICD1200PCS749843.93625
50060021SILK FABRICS WITHOUT EMBD.ItalyTara ExportscalcuttaAir2616.9MTR712179.31272
50060021SILK FABRICS W/OUT EMBD. & W/OUT META.YARNItalyTara ExportsCalcuttaAir3950.3MTR696332.12176
50060011SILK FABRICS WITH EMBDItalySarkar International,CalcuttaAir1184MTR683045.38577
50060021100% NATURAL SILK FABRICS EMBDSpainApsaraCalcuttaAir857.55MTR682126795
50060021100%NATURAL SILK FAB.United StatesNitee FabricsCalcuttaAir1705.01YDS681484.5400
50060019100% NATURAL SILK EMBROIDERED MADE UPSItalyChanakya International Pvt. Ltd.MumbaiAir38SET676735.0117809
50060011100% NATURAL SILK FABRICS WITH EMBDSpainPramod InternationalCalcuttaAir1409.9MTR676064.5480
50060021100%NAT.SILK FAB.OTHER THANTHOSE COVD.BYSLNO.J-123 WITHONESouth AfricaNitee FabricsCalcuttaAir2614.2MTR671564.12257
50060021M/UPS M/OUT OF ONE OR M.M/MADE FILA YARNWITH OR W/OUT EMBD,calcuttaAir6977MTR658195.8194
50060021SILK FABRICS WITH EMBD.AND W/OUT METTALISED YARN.United StatesPasari Exports Ltd.CalcuttaAir421.25YDS649236.061541
5006001993% SILK 7% LYCRA EMB MADE UPS (CUT PIEC ES)ItalyChanakya International Pvt. Ltd.MumbaiAir84PCS635443.27565
50060029100% SILK FABRIC WITH EMBDSaudi ArabiaJainco Exports,calcuttaAir567MTR635025.191120
50060021SILK FABRICS WITH OUT EMBD & W/OUTMETA YARNQatarPushp Krishi Udyog,CalcuttaAir2950MTR634443.81215
50060021SILK MADEUPS WITHOUT EMBROIDERY & WITHOUT META.YARN(STOLES)2ItalyPma Handweaves Pvt. Ltd.CalcuttaAir899PCS611486.31680
50060021100% NAT SILK FAB.OTHER THAN THOSE COVD.BY SLNO J-123 WITH OSouth AfricaNitee FabricsCalcuttaAir3506.5MTR606146.31173
50060021SILK FABRICSUnited StatesSalient Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd.CalcuttaAir1463.5MTR601925.12411
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