Indian Exporters Under HS Code: 5105

Indian Exporters Under HS Code: - Wool, not carded or combed: - Wool and fine or coarse animal hair, carded or combed (including combed wool in fragments)

India exporters of (standard description) - Wool, not carded or combed: - Wool and fine or coarse animal hair, carded or combed (including combed wool in fragments) under HS Code 5105 export data to Bremen, Pakistan, Casablanca Port, Iran, Greece, Busan, Italy, Casablanca, United Kingdom, La Spezia, South Korea, Tunis from Jnpt, Calcutta, Kolkata, Calcutta. Trade data contains Item Description, Forigen Country Name,Exporter Name,Indian Port, Mode, Quantity, Unit, Value in INR and Rate in INR.

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Item NoItem DescriptionCountryIndian ExporterPortModeQtyUnitValueRate
51052910J-245 WOOL TOPS LOT NO.370602BremenGlobal Wool Alliance Pvt. Ltd.JNPTSea59616.5KGS22808676.7383
51052910J-245 WOOL TOPS LOT NO.370401BremenGlobal Wool Alliance Pvt. Ltd.JNPTSea29438.4KGS11772887.2400
51052910J-245 WOOL TOPS LOT NO.370406BremenGlobal Wool Alliance Pvt. Ltd.JNPTSea28572.7KGS10811281.2378
51052910J-245 WOOL TOPS LOT NO.370603BremenGlobal Wool Alliance Pvt. Ltd.JNPTSea21940.9KGS8548394.26390
51052910WOOL TOPS 21.0 MICPakistanIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea19996.199KGS7063284353
51052910J245 WOOL TOP AUSTRALIAN WOOL UNDYEDCasablanca PortModern Threads India LimitedJNPTSea17862KGS6954809.01389
51052910WOOL TOPS 21.5 MIC.C.E.SEAL ARE-1 SUB.IranIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea19899.801KGS6911111347
51052910WOOL TOPSIranIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.KolkataSea19497.199KGS6876317353
51052910WOOL TOPIranIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.KolkataSea19946.9KGS6868617344
51052910WOOL TOPS 21.5 MICIranIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea19332.301KGS6809977.5352
51052910WOOL TOPSGreeceIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.KolkataSea19164.4KGS6773843353
51052910J-245,WOOL TOPS LOT NO.370805BusanGlobal Wool Alliance Pvt. Ltd.JNPTSea19689.8KGS6735565.4342
51052910WOOL TOPS 21.5 MICC.E.SEAL ARE-1 SUB.AIranIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea19431.6KGS6689740.5344
51052910WOOL TOPS 21.5 MICC.E.SEAL ARE-1 SUB.AItalyIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea19131.6KGS6528114.5341
51054000J-245)WOOL TOP AUSTRALIAN WOOL UNDYEDCasablancaModern Threads India LimitedJNPTSea16825.5KGS6411155.63381
51054000J-245.WOOL TOP AUSTRALIAN WOOL UNDYEDCasablancaModern Threads India LimitedJNPTSea16825.5KGS6371688.38379
51052910WOOL TOPS 22.5 MICUnited KingdomIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea18616.5KGS6029456.5324
51052910J-245 WOOL TOPS LOT NO.370406BremenGlobal Wool Alliance Pvt. Ltd.JNPTSea11995.7KGS4500115.02375
51052910WOOL TOPS 18.5 MICPakistanIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea9443.6KGS3983287.5422
51054000J-228.WOOLLEN WORSTED YARN ON CONES 2/40 NM WOOL 100%DYED EPCG LIC NO.P/CG/215603 3 DT 11.8.1995La SpeziaModern Threads India LimitedJNPTSea7086.1KGS3975335.73561
51052910WOOL TOPGreeceIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.KolkataSea9964.1KGS3908253392
51052910WOOL TOPSItalyIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea9764.8KGS3727298382
51052910WOOL TOPSPakistanIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.KolkataSea8623.4KGS3636055422
51052910WOOL TOPItalyIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea8907.6KGS3534125397
51052910WOOL TOPS 21.5 MICItalyIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.calcuttaSea9998.4KGS3500264350
51052910WOOL TOPS 22.5 MICItalyIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.calcuttaSea9998.3KGS3485673.25349
51052910WOOL TOPS 20.5 MICC.E.SEAL & ARE-1 SUBSouth KoreaIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea10238.4KGS3427421335
51052910WOOL TOPS 21.0 MICC.E.SEAL ARE-1 SUB.APakistanIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea9991.6KGS3421308342
51054000J-248 POLYESTER WOOLLEN BLENDED YARN ON CONES 2/68 NM POLY/WOOL 55/45 DYEDTunisModern Threads India LimitedJNPTSea8209.7KGS3392563.16413
51052910WOOL TOPS 18.5 MICC.E.SEAL ARE-1 SUB.ItalyIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea8609.7KGS3317555.25385
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