Indian Exporters Under HS Code: 53091120

Indian Exporters Under HS Code: - Flax, raw or processed but not spun; flax tow and waste (including yarn waste and garnetted stock) - Bleached

India exporters of (standard description) - Flax, raw or processed but not spun; flax tow and waste (including yarn waste and garnetted stock) - Bleached under HS Code 53091120 export data to United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland from Calcutta, Mumbai. Trade data contains Item Description, Forigen Country Name,Exporter Name,Indian Port, Mode, Quantity, Unit, Value in INR and Rate in INR.

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Item NoItem DescriptionCountryIndian ExporterPortModeQtyUnitValueRate
53091120FLAX FABRICS (DYED) 100%LINEN FABRCS ART#F-1614, F-10400,F-1United Arab EmiratesIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea2655.2MTR499409.22188
53091120FLAX FABRICS(DYED) 100%LINEN FABRICS ART#F-10366,F-1807,F-10United Arab EmiratesIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea1207.2MTR273011.28226
53091120DYED FINISHED FLAX BLENDED FABRICS CONTAINING(FLAX/COTTON)LISouth AfricaIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea448.2MTR93309.65208
53091120FLAX FABRICS(DYED) 100%LINEN FABRICS ART#F 24000 SERIESUnited Arab EmiratesIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea393.9MTR88199.48224
53091120FLAX FABRICS(DYED) 100%LINEN FABRICS ART#F-1451United Arab EmiratesIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea268.8MTR51159.7190
53091120FLAX FABRICS (UNDYED)GermanyVrijesh CorporationMumbaiAir102.8MTR31063.07302
53091120FLAX FABRICS(DYED) 100%LINEN FABRICS ART#KL-48United Arab EmiratesIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea132.8MTR28248.89213
53091120FLAX FABRICS (UNDYED)GermanyVrijesh CorporationMumbaiAir72.4MTR21877.11302
53091120100% LINEN FABRICS WITH EMBROIDEREDUnited KingdomR.b. Enterprises International Private Ltd,CalcuttaAir20MTR21262.141063
53091120FLAX FABRICSSwitzerlandVrijesh CorporationMumbaiAir50MTR13537.5271
53091120FLAX FABRICSSwitzerlandVrijesh CorporationMumbaiAir24.7MTR13375.05542
53091120FLAX FABRICSSwitzerlandVrijesh CorporationMumbaiAir24.5MTR13266.75542
53091120FLAX FABRICSSwitzerlandVrijesh CorporationMumbaiAir24MTR12996542
53091120FLAX FABRICS(DYED) 100%LINEN FABRICS ART#F-1118United Arab EmiratesIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea58.9MTR10814.6184
53091120FLAX FABRICSSwitzerlandVrijesh CorporationMumbaiAir25.5MTR6904.12271
53091120FLAX FABRICS(DYED) 100%LINEN FABRICS ART#F-1214United Arab EmiratesIndian Rayon & Industries Ltd.CalcuttaSea18MTR3869.26215
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