Indian Exporters Under HS Code: 95021030

Indian Exporters Under HS Code: - Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children (for example, tricycles, scooters, pedal cars); dolls’ carriages - Of plastics

India exporters of (standard description) - Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children (for example, tricycles, scooters, pedal cars); dolls’ carriages - Of plastics under HS Code 95021030 export data to Iran, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Dubai, United States, Maldives, Nigeria from Delhi, Mumbai. Trade data contains Item Description, Forigen Country Name,Exporter Name,Indian Port, Mode, Quantity, Unit, Value in INR and Rate in INR.

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Item NoItem DescriptionCountryIndian ExporterPortModeQtyUnitValueRate
95021030CAP G24 Q-2IranHartech Plastics Pvt.ltdDelhiICD250000PCS442650.042
95021030CAP G24Q-2IranHartech Plastics Pvt.ltdDelhiICD250000PCS439725.042
95021030CAP G24 Q-1IranHartech Plastics Pvt.ltdDelhiICD150000PCS2655902
95021030CAP G24Q-1IranHartech Plastics Pvt.ltdDelhiICD150000PCS2638352
95021030BASE -G 24IranHartech Plastics Pvt.ltdDelhiICD400000PCS254239.961
95021030BASE G24IranHartech Plastics Pvt.ltdDelhiICD400000PCS252559.961
95021030PLASTIC BOTTLE 475 ML MUSTARD OIL BOTTLE 28 MM NECK SIZ EUnited Arab EmiratesVarahi Plastics Pvt. Ltd.DelhiICD31200PCS188073.66
95021030PLASTIC BOTTLE 475 ML MUSTARD OIL BOTTLE 28 MM NECK SIZEUnited Arab EmiratesVarahi Plastics Pvt. Ltd.DelhiICD28800PCS173606.46
95021030METAL NECKLACE SETMalaysiaAna ExportsMumbaiAir108SET52984.8491
95021030WEIGHT SETS FOR BALANCECanadaEducation Material Exports,MumbaiAir400SET1933848
95021030PLASTIC LETTERS & NUMBERS PLASTIC LETTER MFC-12MM PLASTIC NUMBER MFC-12MMSaudi ArabiaGargi Impex CorporationMumbaiAir26000PCS11906.40
95021030PLASTICS PIECE FOR ROTOCAPUnited KingdomNeptunus Power Plant Services Pvt. Ltd.,MumbaiAir5500PCS110482
95021030EPCG LIC:0330000590/26.09.2000 ARTICLES MADE OF PLASTICS (COMPONENTS OF LUGG.) COMBILOCK CROME/BLACK CRUISAIRUnited StatesSamsonite South Asia Pvt. Ltd.MumbaiAir300NOS6940.3523
95021030METAL EARRINGSMalaysiaAna ExportsMumbaiAir139SET6199.3945
95021030PLASTIC LARGE BAGS ELLE TYPEMaldivesReconex PharmacalsMumbaiAir72NOS5207.8872
95021030FIBRE/METAL BINDIMalaysiaAna ExportsMumbaiAir111SET4950.6145
95021030PLASTIC LARGE BAGS ELLE TYPEMaldivesReconex PharmacalsMumbaiAir72NOS4350.0460
95021030METAL BANGLESMalaysiaAna ExportsMumbaiAir88SET3924.8145
95021030ROPE BAGS PLASTIC SMALLMaldivesReconex PharmacalsMumbaiAir48NOS1531.7332
95021030ROPE BAGS PLASTIC SMALLMaldivesReconex PharmacalsMumbaiAir48NOS1279.4327
95021030METAL NECKLACE SETMalaysiaAna ExportsMumbaiAir14SET624.445
95021030DISPENSING NOZZLE PLASTIC CAPS:215-1443-03MalaysiaRamco AncillaryMumbaiAir250NOS535.792
95021030METAL BANGLESMalaysiaAna ExportsMumbaiAir9SET401.445
9502103012H PET/50H NAT.PE PRINTED BLACK FOR CLOSE UP SIX TRACKNigeriaEnpac (india) Private LimitedMumbaiAir21.84KGS190.759
9502103020H BOPP/25H PEARLISED BOPP PREMIER 250 GRAMS (REDUCED DIMENSION)NigeriaEnpac (india) Private LimitedMumbaiAir21.7KGS189.449
9502103020 BOPP/25 PEARLISED BOPP PREMIER 75 GRAMS (REDUCED DIMENSION)NigeriaEnpac (india) Private LimitedMumbaiAir21.42KGS186.829
95021030DISPENSING NOZZLE PLASTIC CAPS:215-1443-02MalaysiaRamco AncillaryMumbaiAir112NOS151.541
95021030DISPENSING NOZZLE PLASTIC CAPS:215-1443-01MalaysiaRamco AncillaryMumbaiAir115NOS129.891
95021030FREE SAMPLE OF NCV 20H BOPP/9HAL FOIL/30H PE PHOTOCELL PRINTED FOR MILK POWDERNigeriaEnpac (india) Private LimitedMumbaiAir12.76KGS111.319
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