Indian Exporters Under HS Code: 95034930

Indian Exporters Under HS Code: - Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children (for example, tricycles, scooters, pedal cars); dolls’ carriages - Of plastics

India exporters of (standard description) - Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children (for example, tricycles, scooters, pedal cars); dolls’ carriages - Of plastics under HS Code 95034930 export data to United Kingdom, Aden, Dubai, United States, United Arab Emirates from Delhi, Jnpt, Cochin, Mumbai. Trade data contains Item Description, Forigen Country Name,Exporter Name,Indian Port, Mode, Quantity, Unit, Value in INR and Rate in INR.

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Item NoItem DescriptionCountryIndian ExporterPortModeQtyUnitValueRate
95034930PLASTIC TIFFIN BOX(MATERIAL- POLYPROPYLENE)United KingdomKhyati EnterprisesDelhiICD24000SET57225224
95034930PLASTIC WATER TAPAdenS.k.l.s.enterpriseJNPTSea899DOZ81629.1891
95034930HOT WHEELS ASST NEWDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea2160NOS81393.1138
95034930F MASK EVAWOOLF GREYUnited StatesBodygear International Pvt Ltd.v/803 A & BCochinSea1440PCS35199.6724
95034930PLUSH TOYS-F MASK EVA TIGER WHITE -United StatesBodygear International PvtCochinSea1152PCS25315.1522
95034930PLUSH TOYS-F MASK EVA TIGER -United StatesBodygear International PvtCochinSea1152PCS25315.1522
95034930BEE-BOP TWIRLIN GARDENDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea24NOS24472.41020
95034930MY FIRST SKATES ASST.DubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea36NOS23126.75642
95034930F MASK EVACHIMPANZEEUnited StatesBodygear International Pvt Ltd.v/803 A & BCochinSea1008PCS22730.3923
95034930123 ACTIVE CENTREDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea18NOS22701.811261
95034930TORCH LIGHT RE-EXPORT IMPORTER VIDE B/ E.136030DTD09.12.2003VALUE SHOWN ON CUSTOMPURPOSE 20CTNS(3840 PCS) 192 PCS PER CTNUnited Arab EmiratesGulf Exporters247-2nd Floor,CochinSea3840PCS226566
95034930HE-MAN DUX FIG ASST.DubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea72NOS21345.25296
95034930MOUSES WORLD HOUSEDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea36NOS20707.87575
95034930READY STEADY RIDE ONDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea12NOS20430.021702
95034930HE-MAN GOOD FIG ASST.DubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea108NOS20348.28188
95034930BABBLING BEEDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea36NOS17962.07499
95034930BEE-BOP SINGIN SNAIL PAILDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea36NOS17733.24493
95034930F1 TRACK SETDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea20NOS17097.63855
95034930STARRY NIGHT MOBILEDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea12NOS16393.021366
95034930THEMED THREE FASHION GIFT PACKDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea96NOS15864.57165
95034930HE-MAN SPRING DL VEH 2 ASSTDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea48NOS15450.54322
950349302 IN 1 ACTIVITY WAGONDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea12NOS14965.681247
95034930HE-MAN EVIL FIG ASST.DubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea72NOS12944.44180
95034930RE-EXPORTS OF PLASTIC TOYS-AS PER INVOIC E ATTACH 5 CAR GIFT PACK ASSTDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea70NOS12870.89184
95034930BRB QUICK CHANGE FASHION ASST.DubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea96NOS12726.51133
95034930PLUSH TOYS-F MASK EVA SNOW LEOPARD -United StatesBodygear International PvtCochinSea576PCS12657.6522
95034930TOPSY TURVY BOWLINGDubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea36NOS12290.67341
95034930HW SLINGHOTZ ASST.DubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea60NOS12149.05202
95034930PLASTIC EMPTY BOXESDubaiS.k.l.s.enterpriseMumbaiSea301DOZ12086.640
95034930FA METRO FSH ASST.DubaiMattel Toys (india) Pvt. Limited,JNPTSea96NOS11201.1117
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