Indian Exporters Under HS Code: 96039000

Indian Exporters Under HS Code: - Worked ivory, bone, tortoise-shell, horn, antlers, coral, mother-of-pearl and other animal carving material, and articles of these materials (including articles obtained by moulding) - Other

India exporters of (standard description) - Worked ivory, bone, tortoise-shell, horn, antlers, coral, mother-of-pearl and other animal carving material, and articles of these materials (including articles obtained by moulding) - Other under HS Code 96039000 export data to Nigeria, Savannah, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Istanbul, Turkey, Germany, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Kenya, United States from Mumbai, Jnpt, Delhi, Calcutta. Trade data contains Item Description, Forigen Country Name,Exporter Name,Indian Port, Mode, Quantity, Unit, Value in INR and Rate in INR.

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Item NoItem DescriptionCountryIndian ExporterPortModeQtyUnitValueRate
96039000ASSORTED M/X METAL BALL PENSNigeriaCroner Writing InstrumentsMumbaiAir63000PCS781357.5212
96039000J-119 100% COTTON POWERLOOM MADEUPS CURTAIN PROCESSEDSavannahWeavetex OverseasJNPTSea3936PCS667152170
96039000GILLETTE SHAVE BRUSH GIN CODE 312039 SAP CODE 13242657United Arab EmiratesGillette India LtdDelhiICD31968PCS548943.217
96039000WRITING INS.& REFILLS: METAL REFILLSNigeriaCroner Writing InstrumentsMumbaiAir345600PCS470707.181
96039000METAL BALL PENSItalyPrayas Pen & Plastic IndustriesMumbaiAir19800PCS314621.9716
96039000HALF METAL BALL PENS WITH BLUE INK REFILLSIstanbulCroner Writing InstrumentsJNPTSea60000PCS298319.985
96039000BRASS NOZZEL WITH CHAKI SATIN CHROME PLA TINGTurkeyCroner Writing InstrumentsMumbaiAir100000PCS2029502
96039000METAL JOTTER REFILLSIstanbulCroner Writing InstrumentsJNPTSea150000PCS1762801
96039000CIRCLE CLIP WITH SATIN CP CHROME PLATINGIstanbulCroner Writing InstrumentsJNPTSea100000PCS169500.022
96039000METAL BALL PENS METALIC COLOUR WITH BLUE REFILLSIstanbulCroner Writing InstrumentsJNPTSea24000PCS162720.037
96039000METAL BALL PENS DULL CP WITH BLUE REFILLSIstanbulCroner Writing InstrumentsJNPTSea24000PCS157295.997
96039000BRASS NOZZEL WITH CHAKI WITH SATIN CHROME PLATINGIstanbulCroner Writing InstrumentsJNPTSea75000PCS118650.022
96039000WALL HANGING (DREAM CATCHER)GermanyEquitable Marketing AssociationcalcuttaAir2075PCS116822.4756
96039000385 BRASS PIPE SATIN CHRRROME PLATING WITH INSIDE PLASTIC THREADTurkeyCroner Writing InstrumentsMumbaiAir30000PCS1054804
96039000BRASS STEREOS(MARKING OF PLASITC ITEMSUgandaAeromec Marketing Co.MumbaiAir830NOS99658.2120
96039000PP BRUSHES WITH SHAFT SS316 92MM DIA (FLUX BRUSH)Saudi ArabiaArpan Brush Co. Pvt. Ltd.,MumbaiAir15NOS99280.36619
96039000UPPER BRASS BUTTON WITH CHAKI CHROME PLATING HOLE WITH HOOKTurkeyCroner Writing InstrumentsMumbaiAir30000PCS94710.013
96039000PEN PARTSItalyPrayas Pen & Plastic IndustriesMumbaiAir10400PCS94431.999
96039000H/METAL BALL PENSItalyPrayas Pen & Plastic IndustriesMumbaiAir15000PCS85125.046
96039000METAL BALL PENSItalyPrayas Pen & Plastic IndustriesMumbaiAir4000PCS79904.0220
96039000CAP AND BARREL SET WITH BRIGHT CHROME PLATING CAP WITH HOLE HOOKTurkeyCroner Writing InstrumentsMumbaiAir10000PCS744157
96039000WRITING INS.& REFILLS:PLASTIC ROLLER REFILLNigeriaCroner Writing InstrumentsMumbaiAir12000PCS708246
96039000TSN 6/16 BRUSHESItalyVortex Engineering WorksMumbaiAir485NOS68792.4142
96039000BRASS TUBES BRIGHT CHROME SATI WITH PLAS TIC PUSHERIstanbulCroner Writing InstrumentsJNPTSea20000PCS67800.023
96039000METAL BALL PENSItalyPrayas Pen & Plastic IndustriesMumbaiAir4800PCS63196.7913
96039000NAIL POLISH BRUSH LACQUERED 13/96/50 440 ENDSTaiwanHarman Plastic Industries,MumbaiAir216NOS59910.84277
96039000MILD STEEL STRIP BRUSHUnited Arab EmiratesVeej Machine TechMumbaiAir350PCS59698.73171
96039000FLOCKING EQUIPMENTKenyaJehan ImpexMumbaiAir1SET5129051290
960390001, M10369 BRUSH MINIATURE BLACK PPUnited StatesAddagudi Exports Pvt. Ltd.,MumbaiAir60000NOS51121.21
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