India Export Statistics Regionwise in Rupees , Sorted on 2008 - 2009

  • Dated: 7/8/2010
  • Values in Rs. Lacs
  • Sorted on year 2008-2009

India Export Statistics Regionwise in US$ Million , Sorted on 2008 - 2009

Sl No.Region2007-20082008-2009%Growth
1India Export Data To WANA Regions30,371.5041,694.2737.28
2India Export Data To EU Countries Regions34,535.3739,351.4313.95
3India Export Data To North America Regions21,997.9822,513.942.35
4India Export Data To ASEAN Regions16,413.5219,140.6316.62
5India Export Data To South Asia Regions9,637.768,567.12-11.11
6India Export Data To Latin America Regions5,673.196,172.038.79
7India Export Data To Unspecified Regions555.444,612.01730.33
8India Export Data To East Africa Regions4,214.154,509.797.02
9India Export Data To West Africa Regions3,461.983,357.08-3.03
10India Export Data To Southern Africa Regions3,605.743,139.08-12.94
11India Export Data To Other WE Countries Regions2,646.592,597.29-1.86
12India Export Data To East Asia Regions1,412.521,754.2224.19
13India Export Data To Other CIS Countries Regions1,508.011,666.5310.51
14India Export Data To Central Africa Regions257.7384.8749.35
15India Export Data To CARs Countries Regions232.32258.2311.15
16India Export Data To East Europe Regions106.09127.6420.31

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