Top 400 - 500 Products Imported To India in Rupees

  • Dated: 7/8/2010
  • Values in Rs. Lacs
  • Sorted on year 2008-2009

Top Indian Imported Products in US Dollar

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100 - 200
200 - 300
300 - 400
400 - 500
HSCode Comodity 2007-2008 %Share 2008-2009 %Share %Growth
84602990India Import Data of OTHERS 19,982.780.019732,287.460.023561.58
8081000India Import Data of APPLES FRSH 21,310.780.021132,243.790.023551.3
29225090India Import Data of OTHER FRUSEMIDE AMINODIAL DOMPERIDONE 21,600.740.021331,959.040.023347.95
85442090India Import Data of OTHR CO-AXL ELCTRCL CNDCTRS 26,775.770.026531,924.250.023219.23
84821011India Import Data of ADAPTER BALL BEARINGS(RADIAL TYPE) <=50MM OR 2 INCHES BORE DIAMETER 32,309.970.031931,901.540.0232-1.26
90181300India Import Data of MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING APPARATUS 24,210.600.023931,663.700.02330.78
84392000India Import Data of MCHNRY FR MAKNG PAPER/PAPERBOARD 21,152.200.020931,608.150.02349.43
85044030India Import Data of BATTERY CHARGERS 9,373.880.009331,600.070.023237.11
84148011India Import Data of GAS COMPRESSORS OF A KIND USED IN AIR-CONDITIONING 27,544.490.027231,599.300.02314.72
84282019India Import Data of CONVEYORS,EXCL BELT CONVEYORS 32,829.380.032431,428.280.0229-4.27
29269000India Import Data of OTHR NITRILE-FUNCTION COMPOUNDS 16,952.480.016731,393.090.022885.18
85235100India Import Data of 31,268.450.0228
90273010India Import Data of SPECTROMETERS 22,670.540.022431,257.040.022737.88
84549000India Import Data of PARTS OF ARTICES UNDER HDG 8454 22,378.920.022131,219.320.022739.5
29031500India Import Data of 1,2 DICHLOROMETHANE (CETHYLNE DICHLORIDE) 31,418.460.03130,979.300.0225-1.4
30021099India Import Data of OTHR BLOOD FRACTION;MODIFIED IMUNLOGICAL PRODUCTS N.E.S. 23,805.610.023530,979.100.022530.13
84295100India Import Data of FRONT-END SHOVEL LOADERS 6,917.130.006830,902.680.0225346.76
34039900India Import Data of OTHER LUBRICTNG PREPARATIONS 24,564.230.024330,777.640.022425.29
39204900India Import Data of OTHR PLTES SHTS OF POLYMR OF VINYL CHLORID 18,689.150.018530,688.610.022364.21
85419000India Import Data of PARTS OF ITEMS OF HDNG 8541 6,534.390.006530,672.590.0223369.4
84629190India Import Data of OTHERS 28,216.350.027930,580.200.02228.38
59021010India Import Data of TYRE CORD FBRC OF NYLON/OTHR POLYAMIDES IMPREGNTD WTH RUBR 30,850.680.030530,464.810.0222-1.25
73181900India Import Data of OTHER THREADED ARTICLES 13,659.380.013530,464.600.0222123.03
25151210India Import Data of BLOCKS MARBLE & TRAVERTINE 22,812.350.022530,464.320.022233.54
90185090India Import Data of OPHTHALMIC SURGICAL INSTRMNT & APPLIANCES 25,602.570.025330,444.930.022218.91
39072090India Import Data of OTHER POLYETHERS NES 25,118.500.024830,428.260.022121.14
84198910India Import Data of PRESSURE VESSELS REACTORS,COLUMNS/TOWERS OR CHEMICAL STORAGE TANKS 13,629.110.013530,345.290.0221122.65
85287219India Import Data of 30,329.300.0221
82072000India Import Data of DIES FOR DRAWNG OR EXTRUDNG METAL 25,061.330.024830,288.950.02220.86
85176230India Import Data of 30,261.840.022
84249000India Import Data of PARTS OF MECHANICAL APPLIANCES 25,955.790.025630,173.100.02216.25
87032391India Import Data of MOTOR CAR WTH CYLNDR CPCTY>=1500CC BUT 43,841.520.043330,163.700.0219-31.2
85119000India Import Data of PARTS OF ARTICLS OF HDNG 8511 13,077.090.012929,945.180.0218128.99
84518090India Import Data of OTHER MACHINERY OF HDG 8451 22,966.840.022729,876.640.021730.09
74020010India Import Data of BLISTER COPPER FOR ELECTROLYTIC REFINING 14,854.240.014729,656.640.021699.65
84682090India Import Data of OTHERS 20,578.930.020329,647.070.021644.07
25030090India Import Data of OTHER SULPHUR 19,662.200.019429,582.420.021550.45
29012300India Import Data of UNSTRD BUTENE (BUTYLENE)& ISOMERS THEREOF 25,490.500.025229,472.470.021415.62
72199090India Import Data of OTHR SHEETS & PLATES N.E.S. 28,353.370.02829,421.540.02143.77
84459000India Import Data of OTHER TEXTILE MACHINES OF HDG 8445 24,662.690.024429,307.700.021318.83
32151990India Import Data of OTHR PRTNG INK & PRINTRS COLRS 20,430.640.020229,294.760.021343.39
38119000India Import Data of OTHER PREPARED ADDITIVES ANTI-CORRSIVE PRPNS & OTHR PRPD ADDITVS 19,273.670.01929,159.310.021251.29
84822090India Import Data of OTHER TAPERED ROLLED BEARINGS 15,441.630.015328,980.050.021187.67
7133990India Import Data of OTHERS 27,461.690.027128,857.830.0215.08
84212190India Import Data of OTHERS 14,015.340.013828,814.340.021105.59
28182010India Import Data of ALUMINA CALCINED 38,287.740.037828,619.420.0208-25.25
84717070India Import Data of DIGITAL VIDEO DISC DRIVE 27,309.210.02728,616.540.02084.79
72026000India Import Data of FERRO-NICKEL 48,219.960.047628,481.050.0207-40.94
94033090India Import Data of OTHERS 26,974.270.026628,455.810.02075.49
73182990India Import Data of OTHER NON-THREADED ARTICLES N.E.S. 18,095.150.017928,423.730.020757.08
87087000India Import Data of ROAD WHEELS & PRTS & ACCSSRS THEREOF 22,884.300.022628,404.460.020724.12
84759000India Import Data of PARTS OF HDG 8475 17,107.430.016928,401.850.020766.02
72101290India Import Data of OTHER PLATES,SHEETS,STRIPS 21,821.100.021628,298.440.020629.68
48101390India Import Data of OTHER 23,987.220.023728,251.500.020617.78
90309090India Import Data of OTHER PARTS & ACCESSORIES 20,504.490.020327,949.470.020336.31
84483990India Import Data of 0THERS 32,320.170.031927,931.300.0203-13.58
39072010India Import Data of POLY (ETHER ALCOHOLS) 21,297.370.02127,886.330.020330.94
40022000India Import Data of BUTADIENE RUBBER (BR) 21,871.540.021627,877.180.020327.46
74071020India Import Data of COPPER RODS OTHR THAN ELECTROLYTIC,WROUGHT 37,052.340.036627,853.320.0203-24.83
88021100India Import Data of HELICOPTERS OF AN UNLADEN WT<=2000 KG 103,885.690.102627,831.150.0202-73.21
73269080India Import Data of PARTS OFSHIPS,FLOATING STRUCTRRE AND VESSELS (INCL RUDDER,STEERING ETC) 5,015.730.00527,824.350.0202454.74
69029090India Import Data of OTHERS 10,080.220.0127,815.970.0202175.95
28012000India Import Data of IODINE 19,615.460.019427,757.350.020241.51
84145990India Import Data of OTHERS 19,558.240.019327,654.230.020141.39
25232910India Import Data of ORDINARY PORTLAND CEMENT, DRY 12,404.410.012327,522.990.02121.88
85219090India Import Data of OTHR VIDEO RECRDNG/REPRDCNG APPRTS 16,149.850.01627,467.980.0270.08
85079090India Import Data of OTHER PARTS 14,904.480.014727,410.680.019983.91
84029020India Import Data of PARTS OF WATER TUBE BOILERS 3,173.830.003127,390.520.0199763.01
84452019India Import Data of COTTON SPINNING MACHINES,N.E.S. 30,244.230.029927,338.790.0199-9.61
72193111India Import Data of CHROMIUM TYPE THICKNESS >=4.75 BUT <=14 MM 33,891.820.033527,281.970.0198-19.5
29141100India Import Data of ACETONE 26,380.080.026127,259.970.01983.34
29209099India Import Data of 18,068.950.017827,213.070.019850.61
29212100India Import Data of ETHYLENEDIAMINE AND ITS SALTS 10,086.620.0127,171.150.0198169.38
73261990India Import Data of OTHERS OF OTHER ARTICLES OF FORGED OR STAMPED BUT NOT FURTHER WORKED 6,229.470.006227,127.690.0197335.47
48101990India Import Data of OTHER 27,656.160.027326,877.830.0196-2.81
84439990India Import Data of 26,694.550.0194
90328910India Import Data of ELCTRNC AUTOMATIC REGULATORS(CONTROLLERS) 14,972.960.014826,691.820.019478.27
40111010India Import Data of RADIALS TYRES USED ON MOTOR CARS (INCL STATION WAGONS & RACING CARS) 11,820.740.011726,643.080.0194125.39
85433000India Import Data of MACHINES & APPARATUS FOR ELECTRO-PLATING, ELECTROLYSIS/ELECTROPHORESIS 9,147.730.00926,561.940.0193190.37
39159090India Import Data of WASTE PARINGS & SCRAP OF OTHR PLASTIC NES 9,293.520.009226,551.820.0193185.7
39073010India Import Data of EPOXY RESINS 28,032.150.027726,409.960.0192-5.79
39079990India Import Data of OTHER POLYESTERS (SATURATED) NES 24,097.740.023826,340.730.01929.31
39076090India Import Data of OTHER POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE (INCLUDING CLEAN, CLOURLESS GRADES) 12,060.670.011926,295.160.0191118.02
85159000India Import Data of PARTS OF ARTICLS IN HDNG 8515 29,623.260.029326,255.280.0191-11.37
59031090India Import Data of OTHR FABRC IMPRGNTD, LAMNTD PLTD AND COATED WITH PVC 28,747.930.028426,151.190.019-9.03
84081093India Import Data of ENGNS,EXCL OUTBOARD,OF CYLNDR CPCTY>250 CC 16,074.340.015926,111.890.01962.44
90011000India Import Data of OPTCL FIBRS,OPTICAL FIBRE BUNDLES & CABLES 36,104.210.035726,041.770.0189-27.87
29153200India Import Data of VINYL ACETATE 26,569.780.026225,881.310.0188-2.59
29173920India Import Data of DIOCTL PHTHALATE 32,048.200.031725,753.370.0187-19.64
84303120India Import Data of TUNNELING MACHINERY 6,826.440.006725,701.050.0187276.49
22072000India Import Data of ETHYL ALCHL & OTHR SPIRITS DENATURD OF ANYSTRUNGTH 2,770.970.002725,660.200.0187826.04
72253090India Import Data of OTHER HOT-ROLLED PRODUCTS IN COILS 3,443.770.003425,540.480.0186641.64
84263000India Import Data of PORTAL/PEDESTAL JIB CRANES 18,550.480.018325,533.650.018637.64
85030029India Import Data of PARTS OF ELECTRC MTRS OTHR THN DC 16,952.030.016725,498.980.018650.42
84149011India Import Data of PARTS OF GAS COMPRESSORS OF A KIND USED INREFRIGERATING AND AIR CONDITIONING 20,753.450.020525,332.790.018422.07
38123090India Import Data of RUBBER CHEMICAL-N.E.S.(E.G.BLOWING AGENT) 19,871.640.019625,309.160.018427.36
85235290India Import Data of 25,262.880.0184
28491000India Import Data of CARBIDES OF CALCIUM W/N CHMCLY DEFINED 14,649.020.014525,260.280.018472.44
76069290India Import Data of OTHERS 20,935.530.020725,253.420.018420.62
84248990India Import Data of OTHERS 23,905.290.023625,229.660.01845.54

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