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6-Jan-200330051020in: 384) pcs. micropore surgical tape, (336) pcs. 25mmx4 beige hypoallergenic micropore tape, 5m NexCen .-3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297PAKSABRASIL3M DO BRASIL LTDA.-Bartholo720.00 UNIT255.08
16-Jan-200339191000at: (299) adhesive tape roll 371 polypropylene tartan 48x1200 .-3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297PAKSABRASIL3M DO BRASIL LTDA.-Bartholo299.00 UNIT2,728.08
30-Jan-200385359000Other apparatus for switching, protection circuits, electrical circuit or connection.14 DE JULIO SA PUERTO FALCONARGENTINAFIAMMENGO S.R.L.Tunici2,420.00 UNIT2,828.00
30-Jan-200373182200the other washers. 5475 pcs. washers various sizes and models.14 DE JULIO SA PUERTO FALCONARGENTINAFIAMMENGO S.R.L.Tunici5,475.00 UNIT692.00
30-Jan-200373089010plates, rods, profiles, tubes and the like. 150 pcs. sheet metal reins.14 DE JULIO SA PUERTO FALCONARGENTINAFIAMMENGO S.R.L.Tunici150.00 UNIT195.00
30-Jan-200373181500Other screws and bolts. 3369 pcs. pins various sizes and models.14 DE JULIO SA PUERTO FALCONARGENTINAFIAMMENGO S.R.L.Tunici3,369.00 UNIT2,623.00
30-Jan-200373181900Threaded articles.14 DE JULIO SA PUERTO FALCONARGENTINAFIAMMENGO S.R.L.Tunici948.00 UNIT2,200.00
30-Jan-200373269000other articles of iron or steel.14 DE JULIO SA PUERTO FALCONARGENTINAFIAMMENGO S.R.L.Tunici914.00 UNIT3,393.00
30-Jan-200373159000the other parts. 402 pcs. LINK forged 5 / 8 "14 DE JULIO SA PUERTO FALCONARGENTINAFIAMMENGO S.R.L.Tunici402.00 UNIT848.00
16-Jan-200335061090in: (4800) 40g bottle scotch transparent glue. lapiscola .-3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297PAKSABRASIL3M DO BRASIL LTDA.-Bartholo4,800.00 BOXES1,046.40
6-Jan-200335061090in: (86 400) white-tailed PCTE scotch 40g 72 pc. (43,200) 90 g white scotch glue PCTE 24, (9600) school scotch bottle white glue 40 gr. lapiscola .-3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297PAKSABRASIL3M DO BRASIL LTDA.-Bartholo139,200.00 BOXES16,435.20
24-Jan-20033926100010 cjas. transparency cod: cg 3460 (50/cja)3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp10.00 BOXES507.50
24-Jan-20033005909010 cjas. synthetic gypsum cod: 82 004 (10rxcja)3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp10.00 BOXES210.97
24-Jan-20033405300014 cjas. 946ml liquid cod micropulido: 5973 (12/cja.), 2 cja. polish 946 ml cod: 5996 (12/cja)3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp16.00 BOXES623.90
24-Jan-2003391910005 cjas. cod magic tape: 810 3/4x36 (96rxcja), 2 cjas. cod magic tape: 810 1/2x36 (144rxcja)3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp7.00 BOXES177.60
24-Jan-20033919100016 cjas. p tape / masking cod: 62973M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp16.00 BOXES1,068.40
24-Jan-2003300510204 cjas. surgical dressing cod: 1624w3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp4.00 BOXES145.60
24-Jan-2003300510908 cjas. surgical tape :1538-2 cod (6rxcja), 20 cjas. surgical tape :1520-2 cod (6rxcja), 15 cjas. cod surgical tape :1530-3 (4rxcja)3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp43.00 BOXES1,416.39
24-Jan-2003391990001 cja. self-adhesive sheets cod: 411dl3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp1.00 BOXES204.21
6-Jan-200368052000in: (60 000) wall pc fine grain sandpaper, and roughly means .-3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297PAKSABRASIL3M DO BRASIL LTDA.-Bartholo60,000.00 UNIT1,240.00
24-Jan-200348201000in others:3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp72.00 BOXES1,302.44
24-Jan-2003902000902 cjas. medium facepiece cod: 62003M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp2.00 BOXES215.25
24-Jan-2003630710004 cjas. pa? or p / polishing cod: 6009 (125/cja)3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp4.00 BOXES152.00
24-Jan-2003591190006 cjas. cap p / Polisher cod: 5701 (24/cja.)3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp6.00 BOXES1,084.60
24-Jan-2003680520006 cjas. water sand cod: 2021 gr 1000 (50/sobre), 8 cjas. water sand cod: 2044 gr 2000 (50/sobre)3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297CAPITALEE.UU.3M USACmsp14.00 BOXES306.52
16-Jan-200368052000at: (119 000) sandpaper leaves several measures detailed in attached commercial invoice .-3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297PAKSABRASIL3M DO BRASIL LTDA.-Bartholo119,000.00 UNIT6,107.00
6-Jan-200348201000in: (18 432) pcs. post-it yellow, neon pink, neon lime, neon orange, (self-adhesive memo blok) 40 .- hj fp measure 76mmx76mm3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297PAKSABRASIL3M DO BRASIL LTDA.-Bartholo18,432.00 UNIT1,945.22
24-Jan-200395069900several swimming pools, where: 36) 420 lts pool., 36) 1,000 liters pool., 24) 2 000 pool lts., 24) lt 3000 pool?ARO SRL PAKSABRASILINDUSTRIA BRASILERA DE INFLEVEISJJS120.00 UNIT1,999.80
16-Jan-200339199000in (01) pel.decorativa Scotchcal .-3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297PAKSABRASIL3M DO BRASIL LTDA.-Bartholo1.00 UNIT93.35
6-Jan-200368053090at: (180) cj. Cleaning Sponge 100x71x20mm ne cj. C/60 pc .-3M PARAGUAYCap. Mota 297PAKSABRASIL3M DO BRASIL LTDA.-Bartholo180.00 UNIT438.48

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