Aayaat Niryaat Forms of DGFT

Aayaat Niryaat Forms Of DGFT
ANF Title
ANF 1 Profile of Importer / Exporter
ANF 2A Importer Exporter Code Number (IEC)
ANF 2B Import Licence for Restricted Items

(Updated on 2nd December, 2008)

ANF 2C Import Certificate under Indo-US Memorandum
ANF 2C-1 Application Form for End User Certificate under Para 2.11A of the HBPv1

(Added on 8th July, 2008)

ANF 2D Export Licence for Restricted items
ANF 2E Export Licence for SCOMET items
ANF 2F Refund of Application Fee
ANF 3A Grant of Status Certificate
ANF 3B Served from India Scheme (SFIS)
ANF 3C Vishesh Krishi And Gram Udyog Yojana (VKGUY)

( Updated on 26th February, 2009)

ANF 3D Focus Market Scheme (FMS)

(Updated on 26th February, 2009)

ANF 3E Focus Product Scheme (FPS)

(Updated on 26th February, 2009)

ANF 3F High Tech Products Export Promotion Scheme ( HTPEPS )

(Added on 11th Novemebr, 2008)

ANF 3G Vishesh Krishi And Gram Udyog Yojana (VKGUY) - Para 3.8.6 application
ANF 3H Application for Served from India Scheme (SFIS) for Current Financial Year

(Added on 23rd Septemebr, 2008)

ANF 4A Advance Authorisation (Including Advance authorisation for Annual Requirement) / Advance Release Order (ARO)/ Invalidation letter
ANF 4B Fixation / Modification of Standard Input Output Norms (SION)
ANF 4C Fixation of DEPB Rates / Fuel rates
ANF 4D Clubbing of Advance Authorisations
ANF 4E Enhancement in CIF / FOB Value or Revalidation or EO extension of Authorisation
ANF 4F Redemption / No Bond Certificate against Advance Authorisation
ANF 4G Duty Entitlement Pass Book (DEPB)

(Updated on 26th February, 2009)

ANF 4H Duty Free Import Authorisation (DFIA)
ANF 4I GEM REP Authorisation, Annexure 4I

(Added on 20th June, 2008)

ANF 4J Diamond Imprest Authorisation
ANF 5A Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Authorisation

(Updated on 17th November, 2008)

ANF 5B Statement of Export/Redemption of EPCG Authorisation
ANF 5C EO Refixation under EPCG Scheme
ANF 5D Clubbing of EPCG Authorisations
ANF 8 Claiming Duty Drawback on All Industry Rates/Fixation of Drawback Rates/Refund of Terminal Excise Duty

( Updated on 26th February, 2009)

ANF 8A Application for payment of interest on delayed refund of Duty Drawback (DBK)/ Terminal Excise Duty (TED) on deemed exports/
Central Sales Tax (CST) on supplies to Export Oriented Units (EOU).